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About Us

You can call this blog a Health, Beauty and Food Blog or Lifestyle blog. The goal of realpakfoodies is to provide accurate information on Lifestyle to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their health, beauty and Food.

Whether you are a fitness freak or a beauty lover or striving towards a healthy lifestyle.

We strive to be a positive influence, a safe space where you can get information on the most intimate issues. With our accurate and up-to-date information and personal approach, RealPakFoodies is a friend you can rely on to help you achieve your wellness goals.

About Me:

Hi, I am Nathan Barr, A commerce graduate & lifestyle expert at Blink Fitness. 

I created to provide authentic knowledge about Health, Beauty and Food. I am also working as a Lifestyle expert at Blinks Fitness to help people in achieving optimal lifestyle. This helped me in gaining a wealth of knowledge about the different types of health, beauty and food products and their functions. 

I started this website as I searched the internet for the best health, beauty, & food products. This research helped me to realize that it was difficult to find quality sources of information on health, beauty and food products and best products available in the market.

To solve this information barrier. I utilized my knowledge, research, and experience to give information about health, beauty and food products to those who are looking for a good recommendations.

Whether you are a professional nutritionist, personal trainer or a simple individual looking to upgrade your lifestyle. We have got you covered.

We provide unbiased reviews and recommendation guides of  best health, beauty and food products. I always ensure that we recommend the product that will give you the most bang for your buck.

Dont Forget to connect with me on Linkedin & Facebook or You contact me here.