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7 Best Weight Gain Pills For Female 2023

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Are you looking for the best weight-gaining pills for females? Make sure your chosen pills must be from reputed brands, have premium ingredients, and are loaded with proteins and nutrients. This article will review the best pills and answer questions that women often ask.

  Product Servings Other Health Benefits  
NATURELO_One_Daily_Multivitamin_for_Women NATURELO One Daily Multivitamin for Women 120 Pills Radiant Skin and Immune Support Check Price
Gain_Weight_Fast_with_Weight_Gainer_B-12 Gain Weight Fast with Weight Gainer B-12  100 Pills Build Muscles Check Price
Fire_Bullets_with_K-CYTRO_for_Women___Men Fire Bullets with K-CYTRO for Women & Men 60 Count Reduce Unhealthy Cravings Check Price
Eatmor_Appetite_Stimulant_Weight_Gain_Pills- Eatmor Appetite Stimulant | Weight Gain Pills 120 Pills Enhance Energy Level Check Price
BSN_TRUE-MASS_Weight_Gainer_Vanilla_Ice_cream- BSN TRUE-MASS Weight Gainer Vanilla Ice cream 93.1 Ounce Encourage Increase In Muscle Fibers Check Price
Appetite_Booster_Weight_Gain_Stimulant_Pills- Appetite Booster Weight Gain Stimulant Pills  90 Pills Appetite Stimulant Check Price
Ripple_Vegan_Protein_Shake__Chocolate- Ripple Vegan Protein Shake | Chocolate 335 Milliliter Gives 30% Dose Of Iron Check Price

Best Weight Gain Pills For Female Reviews:

#1. Naturelo One Daily Multivitamin for Women

Ideal For: NATURELO One Daily Multivitamin is ideal for body health, it boosts the energy and well-being of women. It further helps you in coping with stressful routines.

  • Quantity: 120 Count
  • Specialty: No Soy, No Gelatin
  • Product Benefits: Antioxidants, Increase Brain and Heart Health

Gives Energy And Stress Support: This Best Weight Gain Pills For Females is made with 8 essential B vitamins including B6, B12, and active folate. That offers mental and physical energy to deal with stress and an anxious mindset, resulting in a healthy nervous system.

Whole Food Nutrition: Not just B vitamins, you’ll also get organic food nutrition such as organic fruits and vegetables to give your body whole antioxidants and nutrient richness along with 24 essential vitamins.

Plant-Based Organic Multivitamin: NATURELO features plant-based multivitamins to support women in acquiring a healthy lifestyle. All vitamins and minerals are driven from plants like vitamin D3 from wild harvested lichen, and calcium from marine algae.

Healthy Benefits: Not just do these high-quality plant-based multivitamins assist your body in gaining healthy weight, but they also provide needed vitamins and minerals to the brain, eye, heart, and immune health. And the peculiar thing is they’re free from gelatin and preservatives.

What you’ll like:
  • Healthy Bones And Heart
  • Energy and Stress Support
  • Healthy Skin and Immune Support
To take into Account:
  • None

Why is it on our list?

Whether it’s a weight gain problem or overwhelming tiredness, the Best Weight Gaining Pills For Females by NATURELO aids you in achieving a healthy lifestyle with a big bright smile.

#2. Gain Weight Fast with Weight Gainer B-12 

Ideal For: Weight Gainer B-12 is suitable for increasing appetite and having more protein intake to chip in healthy weight gain. It supports the building of repair tissues for healthy muscles and power.

  • Quantity: 100 Pills
  • Specialty: Chewable Cherry Pills
  • Product Benefits: Build Repair Tissues

Increases Healthy Appetite: Some women struggle with a low appetite which results in intense mood swings and low energy for the whole round of the day. This Weight Gainer with the power of B-12 allows your body to have more protein and vitamin intake in the diet that is needed for a healthy and happy body.

Increases Muscles: The B-12 Chewable Natural Supplement boosts the building of repair tissues in the body to encourage an increase in body muscles. Body muscles strengthen bones and tendons, supporting energy and power for the busier day.

Other Healthy Benefits: With the tasty flavor of cherry and chewable pills, you’re provided with the healthy building of muscle fibers to improvise sleep quality and reduce stress. It’s also filled with massive healthy heart omegas.

Sourced From USA Lab: You’ll have the safest weight gainer multivitamins without any side effects. It is sourced directly from the USA lab and is currently, the leading brand in weight gainer multivitamins.

What you’ll like:
  • Improves Sleeping
  • Contains Healthy Omegas
  • Build Muscle Fibers
To take into Account:
  • Hard To Chew

Why is it on our list?

Are you suffering from low appetite and weight problems? This is one of the Best Weight Gain Pills For Female that offers fruitful results.

#3. Fire Bullets with K-CYTRO for Women & Men 

Ideal For: Fire Bullets with K-CYTRO is an exceptional choice for getting a healthy and cherishing lifestyle without any unhealthy food cravings. It helps amazingly in productivity-loaded life with a supercharged body.

  • Quantity: 60 Count
  • Specialty: Formulated with K-Crypto Technology
  • Product Benefits: Demolish Junk Food Cravings

Reduce Unhealthy Cravings: To gain a healthy weight, it’s crucial to save yourself from unhealthy food cravings. These Fire Bullets with K-Crypto Technology lend you a helping hand to eliminate junk food cravings, supporting a productive and healthy lifestyle.

New Technology To The Rescue: Because of low-energy and hectic schedules, we often forget to take out time for our happy moments. With the new technology of K-Crypto and Fire Bullets, your body will get supercharged with the fueling energy and you’ll finally have the stamina to attend gym sessions and birthday parties.

Healthy Ingredients: Along with advanced technology, these fire supplements contain green tea, caffeine, raspberry ketones, green coffee, and cayenne. It boosts energy and burns fat. Plus, all of the ingredients are keto-friendly, which means you can have it without disturbing your keto diet.

CERTIFIED NUTRACEUTICAL: It is suitable for vegans, and vegetarians and it’s completely Halal and safe.

What you’ll like:
  • Enhance Energy and Focus
  • Free From Preservatives
  • Boosts Energy
To take into Account:
  • Slightly Unpleasant Taste

Why is it on our list?

Advanced technology and pure ingredients including caffeine awake your body system, giving it a burning fuel to keep with stressful busy schedules. It’s the Best Weight Gaining Pills For Females.

#4. Eatmor Appetite Stimulant | Weight Gain Pills

Ideal For: Eatmore Appetite Stimulant Pills are excellent for increasing appetite and gaining weight in all right places. They’re specifically formulated to achieve a healthy weight without any harmful fats.

  • Quantity: 120 Pills
  • Specialty: Made With Amino Acids
  • Product Benefits: Energy Management

Increased Muscle Mass and Energy: With the benefits of amino acids, this supplement assists the body to gain healthy weight and muscles in all right places. It encourages weight gain in the muscles that are often used, resulting in a healthy body.

Get The Appetite: You’ll have an increased appetite for the right and healthy green foods which will speed up the procedure of weight gain. It enhances muscle building of arms, back, butt, and legs. A fit and healthy body are just a few weeks away.

Herbal Ingredients: Eatmore Appetite Stimulant is made with bitters herbs and natural ingredients to let your body have a healthier weight gain formula. It gives healthy muscles, an energetic body, and weight gain without any harmful side effects.

Caregiver Recommended: Caregivers recommend Eatmore Pills to improve appetite. Natural herbs, it’s been proven as an efficient weight stimulant treatment.

What you’ll like:
  • Stimulate Appetite
  • Weight and Mass Gainer
  • Suitable For Men and Women
To take into Account:
  • Takes Time To Work

Why is it on our list?

This one is the Best Weight Gain Pills For females, which makes you feel hungry for the right and healthy foods. Plus, it helps you feel energetic the whole round of time.

#5. BSN TRUE-MASS Weight Gainer Vanilla Ice cream 

Ideal For: The Gainer Vanilla Ice cream is highly recommended for having essential proteins and carbs for muscle growth and recovery. Further, it boosts energy.

  • Quantity: 93.1 Ounce
  • Specialty: Flavor Of Vanilla Ice cream
  • Product Benefits: Helps In Muscle Growth

700 Calories In One Serving: To gain mass muscles in the body calories are needed. This vanilla ice cream in one serving offers 700 calories to kick the production of healthy muscles and power in the body.

Balanced Ratio Of Carbs and Proteins: Getting a balanced ratio of carbs and proteins in the diet helps massively in gaining weight for women. The specific ratio of 2:1 carbs and proteins supports your body to reach the weight target rapidly.

Proteins From Safe Sources: It’s an all-natural and balanced protein intake driven by premium protein sources including egg whites, whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, calcium caseinate, and hydrolyzed whey protein.

10 Grams BCAAs: At every serving, you’ll have the ultimate advantage of recovery effects from intense exercise sessions in the form of 90 grams of carbs, 46 grams of proteins, and 10 grams of BCAAs.

What you’ll like:
  • Steady Results
  • Makes Feel Fresh and Energetic
  • Contains A Balanced Amount Of Vitamins and Proteins
To take into Account:
  • None

Why is it on our list?

What could be the best solution than drinking a tasty protein shake with the finest flavor of vanilla ice cream?

#6. Appetite Booster Weight Gain Stimulant Pills  

Ideal For: Appetite Booster Stimulant Supplement is ideal for low energy levels and dreaded appetite. It also aids in maintaining a healthy weight with premium ingredients.

  • Quantity: 90 Pills
  • Specialty: Ultra Strength Capsules with High Concentration
  • Product Benefits: Appetite Booster, Increase Energy Level

Gains Weight: Achieving a healthy scale weight requires a healthy and fuller diet. These pills increase appetite to help you eat in healthy portions for a beautiful radiant body and skin. A healthy appetite plays a crucial role in improving vitamin and nutrient intake.

Important Vitamins and Nutrients: The appetite booster is made with L-Lysine and B-Vitamins to develop and grow muscles of the body. A healthy diet and B-Vitamins allow the body to feel energetic and comfortable for the whole day.

Brain and Heart Health: Welcome healthy life and a fit body with a powerful brain and happy heart. Its higher concentration helps in maintaining the brain and heart healthy with essential nutrients and vitamins.

Safe and Effective: There is no pinch of preservatives and harmful chemicals that could create any side effects. These are all-natural and the best weight gain pills for females.

What you’ll like:
  • Gives Extra Strength
  • No Harmful Chemicals
  • Money-Back Guarantee
To take into Account:
  • Expensive

Why is it on our list?

This Best Weight Gaining Pills For Females works wonderfully by increasing appetite. You’ll feel fresh and notice a gradual increase in your energy level.

#7. Ripple Vegan Protein Shake | Chocolate

Ideal For: Ripple Vegan Protein Shake is ideal for availing fitness and weight gain in a tasteful way. It’s dairy-free and loaded with proteins and nutrients.

  • Quantity: 335 Milliliter
  • Specialty: Dairy-free, Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free
  • Product Benefits: Essentials Vitamins, Protein, 30% Iron

Flavorful Taste: With each sip of Ripple protein shake and your taste buds will burst with enriched cocoa flavor. It’s highly recommended if you don’t want to take pills or bitter medications for weight gain.

Essential Vitamins and Nutrients: In each serving, you’ll get a 30% dose of the recommended value of iron, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. And these perks are available without any dash of calories.

Plant Powered Protein: Ripple shake offers 20 grams of pea protein to assist your weight gain journey. It’s filled with nutrients and tasteful flavor and the best part is it’s completely vegan. So, everyone can drink it and cherish a fit and healthy body.

Convenient Option: It’s a wonderful on-the-go protein shake that tastes amazingly good, and offers high nutrition and vitamins while keeping all the calories in strict check. You can also replace unhealthy evening snacks with this protein shake.

What you’ll like:
  • Rich Cocoa Taste
  • Comfortable Option
  • Low-Calorie
To take into Account:
  • Pricey

Why is it on our list?

Whether it’s your busy routine or unhealthy food habits, the high-quality plant-based Protein Shake offers a healthy substitute to increase the quality of your lifestyle.

Many women who are overweight, use progesterone creams for weight loss. But some get unexpected results from that application. It could also lead to an undesired decline in weight due to hormone disbalance. This is why, it is suggested to consider when, how, and where to apply progesterone cream for weight loss purposes.

How To Choose The Best Weight Gain Pills For Female

It’s not an easy task to pick the best out of the Best Weight Gaining Pills For females. Women often get confused which ends up in buying the wrong product. To save yourself from such nightmare situations, here are some crucial factors that you must consider before buying weight-gaining pills.

1. Ingredient List

It’s an important factor that you need to look through deeply. Some weight gain pills are made with bitter herbs while some are formulated with advanced science. Avoid the pills made from harsh chemicals.

2.  Purpose

It’s quite obvious that you’re buying pills to gain weight but some women want more than that. Make your intentions crystal clear. Do you just want to gain weight? Or are you looking for something to maintain your optimal level of energy? Some listed weight gain pills also serve good metabolism and improved sleep quality along with mentioned abovementioned purposes.

3. Trusted Brands

Buying pills from non-reputed brands gives nothing in return but horrible consequences. We would advise you to buy weight gain pills only from trusted brands. We’ve picked Best Weight Gain Pills For Women from some of the most highly reputed brands. Hence, you can take them without any worries.

4. Pills, Chewable, Or Shake

Pills are an uncomplicated way to transfer healthy and essential vitamins to your body. But some people find pills hard to swallow. For them, we have listed a chewable flavored option that is easy to swallow without any water intake. And here comes a more tasty option, an enriched cocoa protein shake that aids in the procedure of weight gain.

5. Allergen Issues

If you’re allergic to nuts, dairy, or lactose, carefully review the product information. Make sure that the pills are free from harsh preservatives, and common allergen elements. Don’t avoid this step as pills with allergic materials will do more harm than any good to your body.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What can I take to gain weight fast for females?

You can take nuts like almonds, peanuts, and walnuts. High-fat dairy is another good option to gain weight fast. You can also take whole milk, cream, cheese, and full-fat yogurt. Additionally, nut butter such as best peanut butter or best diabetic peanut butter (if diabetic) can support healthy weight gain.

2. How do skinny people gain weight fast?

Experts recommend taking eat small portions of meals five to six times a day. Take a healthy diet such as pasta, cereals, vegetables, and fruits. However, though you use to eat frequently for weight gain, avoid eating unhealthy foods, such as fast food or junk food. These foods have major negative impacts on our health and they affect the body’s immunity. For instance, learn the disadvantages of eating shawarma, and how these few bites can lead to multiple disorders rising in you.

3. Do weight gain pills work?

If you like to gain a healthy weight and build a good body physique, weight gain pills are an effective way to fulfill this purpose.

4. How can a girl gain weight in a week?

You can add the following foods to your weight gain diet;

  • Rice
  • Milk
  • Nut Butter and Nuts
  • Tuna
  • Full-fat Butter
  • Dried Fruits
  • Protein Supplements
  • Protein Shakes

5. What makes you fat quickly?

Eating too much without taking care of calories and sugar intake makes you fat quickly. It creates an energy imbalance in consumed calories and expended.

What Should You Buy

NATURELO One Daily Multivitamin for Women is the highest rated and Best Weight Gain Pills For females. It’s filled with antioxidants and improves physical health.

If you don’t like pills and want some tasty chewable pills, then you need to try Gain Weight Fast with Weight Gainer B-12. It has an amazing taste of cherry.

Do you want the convenient option? This Ripple Vegan Protein Shake | Chocolate is a wholesome hack to gain weight quickly on the go.

Is It Safe To Use Weight Gain Pills Without Doctor Consultation?

Although our picked weight gain pills are free from harsh chemicals and preservatives, we strongly recommend you consult your doctor before buying pills. Your doctor can effectively guide you on possible side effects and how you can take pills safely.

Some Additional Tips To Gain Healthy Weight

Apart from pills, here are some additional tips to gain weight quickly.

  1. Take smoothies and shakes.
  2. Eat more frequently.
  3. Pick nutrient-rich food
  4. Exercise gives long-term results.
  5. Try to have occasional treats.

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