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How much anti estrogen should I take?

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According to the Breast Cancer Foundation reports, every 1 in 8 American women gets diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. Treatment of hormone receptor-positive breast cancer in postmenopausal women is possible with the anti estrogen. However, men also consume anti estrogen to correct erectile dysfunction and build muscle. How much anti-estrogen should I take without causing harm to oneself, let’s find out!

How much anti estrogen should I take?

Anti-estrogen should be consumed after consulting with a doctor. The recommended dosage for women for anti estrogen is one tablet a day; if by any chance you miss your daily dose, skip that day and continue from the next. Normally, women consume anti estrogen pill of 25mg daily for 5 years, depending on their prescription, to fight off any remains of their breast cancer.

Additionally, since FDA doesn’t approve of the consumption of anti estrogen for men, they take it to prevent the effects of steroids. Men are advised to take a way lesser dosage than women. 0.5-1mg every 3-4 days is typical.

Side Effects of Over consuming Anti Estrogen
  • hot flashes
  • excess sweating at night
  • dryness in the genital area.
  • Shifts in the menstrual cycle

Hormone-sensitive cancers respond to anti-estrogen drugs by slowing or stopping their growth., so we suggest you buy the best anti estrogen tablets to treat your cancer.


Those women who have hormone-sensitive breast cancer may benefit from antiestrogen tablets. As a bonus, it can be utilized as a preventative strategy for those at high risk of contracting the disease.

There are reports about the side effects of using anti estrogen, which is why it’s important to know How much anti estrogen I should take.


How many mg of anti estrogen should I take?

You need to take one 1 mg anti estrogen pill once a day. Patients with metastatic breast cancer should continue anti-estrogen therapy until tumor progression.

Are anti estrogen supplements safe?

These supplements are useless at best and dangerous at worst for your health.

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