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How to reduce side effects of progesterone?

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Progesterone (female) hormone has numerous essential functions for conceiving and sustaining a pregnancy. However, studies show that progesterone levels tend to fluctuate from person to person. Most women maintain healthy standards; however, some disorders and circumstances demand additional progesterone. In such cases, they must be consumed as a pill or creams. This article will discuss how to reduce side effects of progesterone. Let’s find out!

How to reduce side effects of progesterone?

If you’re concerning fertility, first thing to consider where to apply progesteron cream. Of course, it will not give the desired results if applied at the wrong place. Moreover, it might also ahev sideeffects due to wrong application. So make sure, where, how and how much to apply.

  1. Research when to not consume progesterone According to research, women shouldn’t take progesterone during their breastfeeding period; it is best not to consume progesterone during pregnancy.
  2. Consultation – Visit a healthcare provider for consultation and discuss your dosages before consuming progesterone.
  3. Trial period – Consumes progesterone through different methods for a trial period to see which suits you best. The most effective is vaginal consumption.
  4. Focus on diet – To reduce the side effects of progesterone, experts also advise consumers to improve their diet and make sure to consume adequate proteins and vitamins. And make sure to remove caffeine, alcohol, and spices from your diet.
  5. Stick to a schedule – To avoid any side effects of progesterone, it is best to stick to a consumption schedule and take your dosage timely.
  6. Check for allergies – Lastly, before consuming progesterone, ensure you don’t have an allergic reaction to these hormone pills.

Regardless of its benefits, if progesterone is not consumed in the right dosage, it could lead to severe side effects, which is why you should try this Best progesterone cream.


Anyone considering beginning to consume progesterone should conduct substantial research before starting their dosage. This article tells you how to reduce side effects of progesterone. Although some side effects are associated with utilizing the hormone, they are undoubtedly becoming more manageable over time.


How long should I rest after taking progesterone?

After insertion, lie down for 30 minutes. Insert the pessary before bed. Discard unneeded items and wash hands. Minor discharge from progesterone pessaries may need a panty liner.

How to reduce the side effects of progesterone during pregnancy?

To reduce progesterone’s side effects during pregnancy, consult your gynecologist before starting a daily dosage.

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