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How to start a vending machine business in California

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Vending Machine businesses can be very profitable, especially if you find high-traffic locations. All you need to do is serve a popular item, and you can consistently rake the cash. So, if you want to aid individuals in quickly getting what they want while making money, start a vending machine business. Decide where to put your vending machine in California and learn to know How to start a vending machine business in California!

How to start a vending machine business in California?
  1. Decide what to sell Before buying a vending machine, you first need to decide what items to sell in California. You can go with the standard idea of selling snacks and drinks or opt for unconventional ideas like laundry supplies, electronics, skincare, toiletries, and other supplies.
  2. Get a Business Plan – Make a business plan for selling your product to your target market (California).
  3. Buy a Vending Machine and Supplies– Find a supplier you can buy in bulk, which means more profit. Then look for a reasonable and good-condition vending machine on google, and purchase one that suits your needs. We recommend buying from Amazon Business.
  4. Register Your Business – Before buying a machine or supplies, you must register and apply for a federal EIN from a LOC. And considering you want to buy from California, you need to obtain a Reseller or retail Merchant certificate, too, allowing you to buy products tax-free.
  5. Open a Business Bank account – after you are legally set up, open a business account and officially have your business up and running.
  6. Create your Brand – Create a brand identity to attract customers to your business and enjoy making money easily.

Vending machines are a great business idea to make profits in California, so you should buy the best vending machine today and start away!

It is also a great idea to put a vending machine in a mall, as that is the most-rated place for vending machines. Learn here, how much it costs to put a vending machine in a mall.


If you’re wondering, “How to start a vending machine business in California?” we hope our comprehensive information helps! What items do you want to sell? Where do you want to sell them? Where will you obtain your machines? Will you purchase or lease them? Will they be brand new or used? These are just a few questions you should ask yourself if you’re trying to decide what to do first.


What do you need to start a vending machine business in California?

Vending machine businesses need to register themselves according to California law. One permit covers permission for all the machines a business owns.

How much money does it cost to start a vending machine business?

Starting a vending machine company is not that much. Depending on the machine you require, you may need $9000 to $16000.

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