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Where can I put a vending machine in California?

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Vending machines aren’t a new business idea—they’re quite common. However, the vending machine company has a lot going for it for entrepreneurs. According to research, California is home to a significant percentage of the over 1.8 million vending machines in the United States, generating over $13.3 billion in yearly sales. And so, if you’re considering going into the vending machine industry and asking, “Where can I put a vending machine in California?”, this article will give you all the detail you need about finding the right location in California. But before moving on, we would suggest you also see How to start a vending machine business in California.

Where can I put a vending machine in California?

A vending machine might theoretically be placed everywhere, but this is not the case. Firstly, you need permission or a contract before placing a vending machine in a mall or other area. The location of your vending machine is the most crucial component in determining how successful your business will be. For example, great places to set up a vending machine in California would be the Santa Coast Plaza, the Lakewood Center, Santa Monica Place, and many more. For such a concern, check out How much does it cost to put a vending machine in a Mall?

Tips to Choose Profitable Vending Machine Location
  • Conduct proper research to see which city and entertainment sites have the most traffic
  • Visit the local chamber of commerce in California; they will give you information about popular traffic places.
  • For an ideal location, opt for offices, universities, malls, hospitals, hotels, and retail stores.

To get the most business, it is important to know Where can I put a vending machine in California; we suggest you look for the Best Vending Machines places right away!


Locating and securing profitable vending machine sites is time-consuming, particularly in California. Always be on the lookout for fresh opportunities to expand your business’ reach and earnings by making new contacts in your area. We hope this article answered the question: Where can I put a vending machine in California? Happy reading!


Where can I put my vending machine near me?

Without proper authorization, you can’t simply put your vending machine anyplace! State and municipal vending rules must be followed in most areas.

Do you need a permit for a vending machine in California?

Vending machine sales often need the acquisition of a seller’s permit. No matter how many machines you use, you’ll only need one permission.

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