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Where to apply progesterone cream for fertility?

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The Progesterone sex hormone is generated in the ovaries; thus, it’s present in larger quantities in women than in men. It is very crucial to the health of the reproductive system. It is said that a healthy hormonal balance is crucial for fertility and pregnancy. One of these crucial hormones is progesterone. According to studies, progesterone plays a key role in supporting a growing embryo. Using a progesterone cream might enhance your progesterone levels and hence your fertility. Please read the article to know where to apply progesterone cream for fertility; let’s find out!

Where to apply progesterone cream for fertility?

It may be difficult for women with an incredibly low level of progesterone to become pregnant. Knowing the right place where to apply progesterone cream for fertility. Since it dissolves in fat, progesterone cream may be absorbed quickly and efficiently via the skin. Select areas with dense networks of capillaries, like inner thighs, breast, inner arms, chest, and stomach, since they will be the ones to absorb the cream quickly.

For best results, you may use the cream on your breasts, chest, inner thighs, vaginal opening, and lower back area. Try using 100–200 mcg of progesterone daily 1. Put on the cream twice a day. Divide your usual dose in half and apply it twice a day.

Reasons why you should apply progesterone cream for fertility
  • Improves reproductive health
  • Restores the body’s hormonal imbalance
  • Helps a fertilized egg implant by thickening the uterine lining (endometrium).
  • It stops uterine contractions that might reject an implanted egg.

Progesterone cream is extremely helpful in restoring hormonal imbalance in the body and increasing the fertility level in females; try the Best progesterone cream available on the market.

However, in some cases, ladiest report certain side effects of using progesteron creams. In such a situation, consult your health expert and look for the methods of reducing the side effects of progesterone due to improper usage.


You may assume that taking a lot of progesterone can help you become pregnant. A moderate dose is acceptable, but excessive doses might negatively affect fertility. Even though progesterone creams have a lot of supporting evidence, they are recommended to be used in moderation. Still, before using progesterone cream, you should verify its progesterone concentration.


When to start using progesterone cream for fertility?

Progesterone cream is used 2-3 days after ovulation and during the luteal phase. You should stop using birth control if a pregnancy test is negative 13 days after ovulation.

Where to apply progesterone cream for pregnancy?

Progesterone cream may be used on the neck, chest, breasts, tummy, arms, and thighs. To prevent skin irritation, replace the application site daily.

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