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Where to apply progesterone cream for weight loss?

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Progesterone is a crucial hormone that plays a role in many of the female body’s most vital functions. According to studies, 90% of women enter menopause because progesterone levels drop, leading to hormonal and weight imbalance issues. And since progesterone hormones have been linked to successful weight control, it has become crucial to understand how they work. Especially what it is and where to apply progesterone cream for weight loss. Let’s find out!

Where to apply progesterone cream for weight loss?

To gain the maximum benefit from progesterone cream, choose to apply it on the pathway that delivers this hormone straight to the ovary for the greatest efficacy. This cream can be applied to the belly, face, inner thigh, upper neck, chest, breast, palms, and feet area.

The inner thigh or stomach area is preferable for applying the cream since these regions have more fat, and the uterus and ovaries are nearby. And since the proteins in this cream are used to dissolve fat, applying it once or twice a day will give you the desired weight loss results!

Reasons why you should apply progesterone cream for weight loss
  • It inhibits fat buildup in the hips.
  • It balances blood sugar.
  • It improves tissue oxygenation and provides energy.
  • Progesterone cream for Weight Loss Boosts Thyroid Hormones.

To lose weight, prevent cancer, overcome lack of sleep, reduce bloating, and correct impaired menstrual cycle, you should use the Best progesterone cream available on the market.

In contrast to the benefits, few females get unexpected results from using progesterone cream for weight loss purposes. In conditions of extremely imbalanced weight decline, doctors suggest using the best weight gain pills for those females. This is why, it’s suggested to make deliberate use of any supplementation and better depend on diet for healthy weight maintenance. Such as using salads, fresh fruits, whole grains, and a sufficient amount of cheese or butter like peanut butter (or the healthy diabetic peanut butter if a diabetic).


When trying to lose weight, many overlook the underlying problem, which is often inadequate progesterone or other hormone levels. Progesterone cream is a safe and effective hormone that can be purchased over the counter for women with hormonal imbalances and weight issues.

Progesterone creams significantly boost this hormone naturally and aid in weight loss. This article should have given you the answer on where to apply progesterone cream for weight loss and its benefits. So, Happy reading!


What’s the best way to use progesterone cream?

It’s recommended that women with perimenopausal symptoms apply a quarter teaspoon of cream twice a day. Apply the cream two weeks before the menstruation cycle and discontinue 2 or 3 days before menstruation.

What’s a safe daily dose of progesterone cream?

Using 20 mg of progesterone cream daily is safe for women with postmenopausal hot flashes and bone abnormalities. Placements include the chest, the thighs, and the upper arms.

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